Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sunday at Gasworks

Sunday was seriously one of those days that people move to Seattle for.  Prema and I decided to have a picnic lunch at Gas Works. It was perfect :)  


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We went to HAWAII!

Hooray for tropical vacations especially when its rainy, gray,cloudy and cold in your world. This was our first vacation we saved for and took together. It felt like our true honeymoon even though we have been married for two years now. We soaked in much needed sunshine and adventure and came back renewed. Kaui Hawaii is a truly beautifully lush island with laid back attitude that spoke to both Peter and I. We are already hatching plans on living there permanently. That would be amazing. Until that happens and you end up visiting us to experience Kaui yourself- take a sneak peek through the best of our Kaui pictures. 
Off to the airport- still in Seattle

Wild roaster were everywhere! This one knew how to use the crosswalk. :)

Japanese cemetery

Spooky ghost palm attacks

I was barefoot alot on Kaui.

A wild chicken egg!

Our condo.

Doctor Seuss inspired fruit called rambutan with lychee inside

All rental cars are either a jeep like this one or a mustang.

It was very windy on the top.

I loved these local white twisted trees


Waimea canyon (Hawaii's Grand Canyon)

Kaui Coffee Plantation tasting. Buzz Buzz.

Coffee Picker

Giant Beer illusion.

Wings over Kaui Tour

Smiling now... airsick later.

Tree canpoy road heading to Poipu Beach

Vanilla Beans

Cocoa Plants

Bamboo Art Sculpture

Papyrus Plants- Voted the most Dr. Seuss plant of them all

Hiking in untouched beauty

Banyan Trees

Waterfall or telephone pole?

Hammock time by the beach on our last night in Hawaii

Sunrise on our last day, right by our condo

Back to Seattle but with many plans on how we can make it back.