Friday, August 19, 2011

Cereal Milk Dessert

Oh my! This dessert is an ooey milk crispy texture delight. Peter brought home a NY gourmet restaurant cookbook and we have officially fallen in love with a few recipes. Here is the link to Momofuku if you are interested finding out more about him and his restaurant. Some amazing stories about him fill the book in addition to the recipes (FYI lots of meat recipes mixed with some standout vegetarian ones).
So what you are looking at is a cereal milk custard, guacamole puree, a chocolate hazelnut caramel with caramelized cornflakes sprinkles. It was a crazy delicious. Takes some time to make because you have to soak corn flakes in a milk mixture for about 45 minutes but worth it. Wish that taste technology would advance enough to send a sample for this one.

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