Sunday, August 14, 2011


Hello all, its Peter and Prema and this is an attempt on our part to keep everyone up to date on our happenings.  If this sounds like the sort of thing that would appeal to you, we will be posting here (hopefully) somewhat frequently with all manner of posts pertaining to all manner of our interests, so please check back occasionally to see what has been happening with us lately, and to see another...   ...Tale from a basement apartment!!!  

We wanted to start with a tour through the garden so that you can all see what has been taking up so much of our time, energy, sweat and love.  Back in March or April we started to get the ground ready and the soil amended and the raised beds built (including our strawberry tower).  A lot of the wood for the beds we found on craigslist or just from driving around and seeing pallets or old dressers being given away.  We got a total score one night with a free futon frame, we were sawing it into pieces in an alley at 11:30 on a friday night.  It felt sort of awesome.

You can see here where Prema started to create an herb spiral.  We ended up taking it out later to give the squash more room, but it is a great way to create extra growing space in a limited area and have all of your herbs in one central place.  You can also see the two blueberry bushes at the top of the big dirt patch near the grassline.

Leeks surrounding the Anise Hyssop (in the pot) a lovely beneficial-bug attracting flowering plant


Prema planting in the strawberry tower.  We didn't end up with enough strawberry plants for all four sides, so we planted mint on the shady side and it took off. 

Prema had plant starts going inside under lights in April/May, and in May those started to go outside.  We had to cover the garden every night (and most days) because Seattle had such a lousy spring this year.  However, when June came and summer finally hit...   

...we had to cover the plants every night (and most days).  

Artichokes! (in the raised bed)

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