Sunday, August 14, 2011

Welcome pt II: The Gardening

So, it is now August and summer has finally, really, for the most part graced us with it's presence on a full-time basis, and the green things in the ground have responded heartily.  Here are the peas, both snap and shelling, with some beans mixed in for good measure.

The tomatoes are getting nice and bushy with lots of fruit.  We have a chocolate cherry, a Japanese tripple-black truffle, and a storage tomato in this bed. And marigolds :)

The squash have really taken off in the big bed!  The plant in the front on the right is Lovage.  It is sort of like celery but spicy, and you can use the seeds for pickling.  The stalks also supposedly make a great Bloody Mary straw.

Here are the artichokes again, but we have already harvested them for this year.  They are small artichokes, and super tasty.  You can srape almost 75% of the meat off of the leaves, and don't get us started on the hearts, yummmmmm!

A curant tomato, lemon verbina, basil, and cherry tomato in the cold frame


We also made a video to take you on a tour of the garden in person.      

That's it for now, see you soon!

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